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scp-835 :iconhusohuso:HusoHuso 70 8 617 . Accelgor :iconizapug:IzaPug 71 16 Ceratopsidae:Chasmosaurinae Heads (front view) :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 193 30 Steel Whales: Divin, Orcarine and Cachaedo :icontipsyra1d3n:TipsyRa1d3n 14 11 The Batoidea revenge, the new Megafauna ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 21 17 Kongstanza :iconcrookbu41:CrookBu41 5 1 Therizinosaurus - The Turtle Beast :iconnemo-ramjet:nemo-ramjet 201 93 Stranger Things Demogorgon :iconpauloomarcio:pauloomarcio 438 36 Same structure - different skin :iconspighy:Spighy 138 15 Brontusk :iconmonster-man-08:Monster-Man-08 206 45 The Jersey Devil 2013 :iconthedragonofdoom:TheDragonofDoom 479 31 Alduin-Skyrim :iconkirstycarter:KirstyCarter 1,226 93 Samurott :iconkhoadotruong:KhoaDoTruong 562 28 Unspecified Prehistoric crocodile :iconjacobaryonyx:JacoBaryonyx 7 14 TUTORIAL: Dragon Heads :iconsammytorres:SammyTorres 1,304 40 WWB - The Lost World :iconrickraptor105:RickRaptor105 54 33



Suggested by :iconjacobaryonyx:

Please make your own suggestions for what Pokémon you want me to do next!

Feraligatr is a alligator Pokémon and the main predator of Blastoise.  They grow up from mere Totodiles to the curious Croconaw into their mighty adult form.  They have red osteoderms on their head, tail and back used for finding each other in the drab swamp; a literal red flag, if you will.  Croconaws are particularly interesting as the beige markings on their torso are as unique as our fingerprints.  They are special snowflakes...that can bite off your fingers.

Whiscash are some of the largest freshwater fish in Hoenn, yet are unpopular sports fish.  This may be `cause of their ugly appearance, their hideous offspring, Barboach, or because they are hard to catch with a typical rod.

Original Pokémon character pictures copied from
Suggested by :iconjacobaryonyx:

Please make your own suggestions for what Pokémon you want me to do next!

Nobody said that freakin radical Pokémon had to have a backbone.  Volcarona, the Sun Pokémon, is a moth with the ability to substitute the Sun`s energy.  You know...the Sun?!  They start out life as a RELATIVLY docile Larvesta, which is short for using spurts of fire out of it`s spikes as a defense.  Seeking out a nice hiding place, the Larvesta wil spin a cocoon and metamorphize for several months.  After emerging as a full-grown Volcarona, they must wait a few minutes to dry their wings.  In this stage, they actually lack a mouth; their sole purpose is reproduction.  They are like the Terminator, but love-struck instead of blood-thirsty.  Here though, a Volcarona defends itself from a Galvantula a mega bad@$5!

Galvantula is an arachnid Pokémon that has a knack for electricity.  As their youngest form, Joltik, they are incapable of making their own electricity and must ride on larger Pokémon to gather static charge for defense.  They grow up into Galvantula, massive jumping spider that many small Pokémon dread.  Volcarona is not one of those Pokémon.

Original Pokémon character pictures copied from
Skull Crawler
Here is my entry for this speculative evolution contest: Spec challengeFor those who haven't seen it yet: yes we will do the Spec Evo challenge.
Entries can be posted here, on facebook or on Youtube, as long as you can link to a page where it's openly visible.
It can be any medium, digital, traditional, you could even make a sculpture or video of the process (though that would be hard to in-cooperate)
Regarding the Skull crawler: there are several ways to do this. You could try to stick to the film as closely as possible and try to figure out a suitable ancestor and by that a more believable design.
Or you could collect the attributes of the movie monster and look into a lot of clades for animals which would fit that description partly, and could therefore give rise to a skull crawler. This means it don't need to be a reptile, maybe just something someone could confuse to be a reptile on a foggy day.
And of course it's possible to just invent a whole new clade on animals, remember, these are kaijus, they could follow their very own phylogeny. but if you d

Skull Crawlers are monstrous squamates with characteristics seen in other reptiles.  They have a face reminiscent of a vine snake, tortoise-like arm scales, and only a pair of fore limbs and no back limbs.  They typically are around 15 meters(45 feet) tall predators found across Skull Island`s biomes.  Thanks to their mesothermic metabolisms and strong forelimbs, these reptilian devils are extremely adaptable, so they are found in forest clearings, mountains and marshlands.  They can feed on a vast variety of prey; a good thing since they must consume a lot of food to survive.
Skull crawlers` ancestors were rear fanged snakes that ended up on Skull Island roughly 20 million years ago.  The lack of large predators in the region meant these snakes could prosper.  However, their originally limbless anatomy was inadequate for being apex predators, so they got their front limbs back.  The back legs stayed banished inside their butts, while the front limbs sprouted massive claws and tough plates.  Crawlers are still capable of slithering, but only do so when stalking their prey.

Humans and Skull Crawlers never had a good relationship.  The native people called them "Pengencer Darah" or (blood thinner) referencing their venom that...well, thins blood.  They fear them as demons from the death gods as punishment for them allowing dinosaurs to overtake them.  Two small expeditions in the 1930`s(one led by Bill Randa, the other by Carl Denham) ended in disaster with Skull Crawler-human interactions.  They did not go well. 

Hope you like it!
Suggested by :iconjacobaryonyx:

Please make your own suggestions for what Pokémon you want me to do next!

Steelix is a beastie not to be trifled with when in his element: underground.  It, and it`s adolescent form Onix, dwell in underground burrows that can accommodate a small dinner party in width and completely occupy their massive territory.  While Onix has a crest on it`s head for attracting mates, Steelix`s head, infused with metals and sagittal crests, is too heavy to be lifted off the ground!  They typically like to stay in their burrows, but must rise to the surface occasionally to bask in the sun for energy.  Here, a Steelix and Onix bask in the sun

Cofagrigus is a levitating cephalopod Pokémon closely related to Omanyte.  It coevolved with the ancient Unova civilization to look like a coffin.  If it looked like a coffin, it could get near the mummies.  If it could get near the mummies, it could eat the mummies, making the Cofagrigus a specialist human scavenger.  The only time they leave a tomb is when they breed in an isolated area of the desert, then die.  So, these Cofagrigus have not fallen in love yet; there is hope for true love though.

Original Pokémon character pictures copied from
Plow jaw
A rhino-like creature from the African savannah, which likes to use it`s strange lower jaw for uprooting tasty plants. 
Inspired by the talented concept artist :iconarvalis:, I have decided to start making realistic Pokémon, regularly.

I have already made a few...

Arceus by VG5006

Dragalge by VG5006

Xerneas by VG5006

Now I am running out of new ones to do, but if you like to see my Pokémon, you can change that.  By leaving a comment of what Pokémon you wanna see next under this journal, you will get that Pokémon illustrated in a realistic, arvalis style fashion.  So leave a comment if you want a Charizard or Lucia or whatever.  Please.


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Creature Design
I make creature designs. They are strictly creatures and not characters. Allow for flexibility in design(ie the final result will not be literally what you said you wanted, but it will be cool and close). It will be on a 16x12 document made in Photoshop. I can do an illustration showing the design either 2d or ZBrush sculpt. You will not be disappointed.


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