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Floating Gnasher by VG5006 Floating Gnasher :iconvg5006:VG5006 4 0 Well, this was fun 2 by VG5006 Well, this was fun 2 :iconvg5006:VG5006 5 0 Bob by VG5006 Bob :iconvg5006:VG5006 8 4 Well, this was fun by VG5006 Well, this was fun :iconvg5006:VG5006 3 0 Spear headed, Hammered mouthed, Ambusher by VG5006 Spear headed, Hammered mouthed, Ambusher :iconvg5006:VG5006 13 11 Five Legged Armoured Crusher by VG5006 Five Legged Armoured Crusher :iconvg5006:VG5006 8 4 Macropod Evolutions by VG5006 Macropod Evolutions :iconvg5006:VG5006 22 2 Demon Worm by VG5006 Demon Worm :iconvg5006:VG5006 7 2 Spec Challenge #4 island by VG5006 Spec Challenge #4 island :iconvg5006:VG5006 12 6 Three-eyed, WInged, Spititng, Cave Assassin by VG5006 Three-eyed, WInged, Spititng, Cave Assassin :iconvg5006:VG5006 2 0 The Nero by VG5006 The Nero :iconvg5006:VG5006 5 0 Job 41: the Leviathan by VG5006 Job 41: the Leviathan :iconvg5006:VG5006 5 0 Spec Challenge 3 alien by VG5006 Spec Challenge 3 alien :iconvg5006:VG5006 12 2 Seaanteater by VG5006 Seaanteater :iconvg5006:VG5006 24 8 Scolipede by VG5006 Scolipede :iconvg5006:VG5006 19 5 Feraligatr by VG5006 Feraligatr :iconvg5006:VG5006 20 1


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Floating Gnasher
Creature of the Week #387: Floating Gnasher

Nalagoes are residents of the water-world Gliese 581d, although they are entirely airborne.  The dense atmosphere has fueled the development and diversification of many flying organisms.  This has attracted the attention of human scientists hoping to study this super earth.  Their efforts were worthless on arrival, however, as their encounter with Nalagoes made them go M.I.A.

Like terran spiders, the Narago wieves a web to capture it`s prey.  However, this is less of a web and more of a floating mucus blanket.  Any prey that touches it will be trapped for the rest of their short lives.  The floating gnasher will devour it`s quarry and use the hydrogen from digestion to float.  Just imagine catching your dinner by vomiting while skydiving.

Sorry for missing last week. :(
Well, this was fun 2
I liked doing that first iPad sketch, so I am gonna do this regularly on my Surface 3. Cutie Thumbs Up 

Top right: Merman I guess?  References: Chimp, Lancetfish, African Rock Tortoise

Lower Left: A large savannah grazer who other creatures consider dashingly handsome.  References: Elephant, Walrus, Water Buffalo, Rhino, Albertosaurus

Bottom Right: I really don't know.  References: Purple Nudibranch, Echidna
Commision for :iconmartythezebragod94:, whose character this is.

Her is the link, if you wanna get some knowledge about his creature> Bob by martythezebragod94
Well, this was fun
Not only did I experiment a bit with my sketching, but I also did it on an iPad Pro at the mall's Apple Store. I didn't get the iPad

Left: A desert predator guy with eyelashes and sclerotic ring for protection from sandstorms. References: Dunkelosteus, Sabertooth Cat

Right: An immobile troglodyte that lures prey with bioluminescence, while hanging from the cave ceiling. References: Sand Tiger Shark, Anonymous Electron Micrograph, Harvestman
Spear headed, Hammered mouthed, Ambusher
Creature of the Week #385: Spear headed, Hammered mouthed, Ambusher

The amphibians of the Carboniferous were quite diverse. However, only a few survived and evolved into our time, including the Huneoc(Hastacephalus malleos). Should you find yourself in the Carribean islands, this is the last thing you want to encounter.

It is an ambush predator. The Huneoc has skin with the same pattern and colors of island sand, so it hides under the sand until it's sensory pits feel something. A powerful reflex while cause it to rapidally rise up and discombobulate the disturbance. If it's prey, the Huneoc will hammer it to death with it's hammer shaped chin.

If it's not prey, but instead a more dangerous animal, the Huneoc is just like...O_o

I am happy to say that this is the anniversary of my DeviantArt account.  This was the day, May 26th, when I joined the art community submitted some of my first stuff.  Many creatures I've drawn, many people I have met and many more I will in the following year.  To say I have thanks to you guys is an understatement.  You helped to light the fire under me and you are one of the things that drive my passion.  

No matter if it's Spec Challenges, creature designing or just having a short discussion, I feel I have grown a part of this amazing community and I hope that I will keep doing this for years to come.  

Happy Anniversary! PARTY HARD Professor Party 


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Creature Designer. Fan of Pokemon, mythology, cryptozoology, and original designs of fantasy and fictional beasts.


Creature Design
I make creature designs. They are strictly creatures and not characters. Allow for flexibility in design(ie the final result will not be literally what you said you wanted, but it will be cool and close). It will be on a 16x12 document made in Photoshop. I can do an illustration showing the design either 2d or ZBrush sculpt. You will not be disappointed.


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Brobar Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017
Wow, i discovered you after your note, and i really love your drawings :D !
VG5006 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks 4 the watch!
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Hi! Can i have a request please?
VG5006 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Why not? Go ahead.
martythezebragod94 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You see, i have this character named Bob and i would like you to draw him please. He's a mix between water buffalo, entelodon, hippo and wild boar. Have a good day/night!
VG5006 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'll get right on it!
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That watch is well deserved
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